January 29, 2018
Why do churches partner with FlourishNow to host job fairs? Hear from Pastor Gary about the impact their church is having through their partnership with FlourishNow.
January 20, 2018
Did you know that nearly 70 percent of American churches offer some type of benevolence ministry or food pantry but only around two percent offer an employment ministry? What if the church helped those needing work connect with local employers hiring now and supported the job seeker along the way? FlourishNow is empowering churches to … Continued
August 24, 2017
The local church is the hope of the community and together with Church of Eleven22, FlourishNow held a job fair to offer work opportunities to local job seekers, and the results were phenomenal! More than 400 eager Jacksonville residents filed into the building during a three hour period, and before the day was out, 42 … Continued
July 5, 2017
What do you get when you combine the talent, skills, outreach, and passion of Jacksonville’s top church and community leaders? A dynamic team committed to solving the problems facing their city. Journey Church, The Ville, 2nd Mile Ministries, CRU and the Jacksonville Housing Authority have partnered with FlourishNow to host a local job fair and … Continued
June 8, 2017
What happens when a historic church in Phoenix partners with a new generation of Christ followers and FlourishNow for a job fair? More than 200 job seekers find opportunity and hope.
May 11, 2017
One mom reached out to another mom for help, and today, Dion is safe because of his mom’s empowered decision. Dion’s life could have had a much different script: homelessness, juvenile hall, addiction, instability – the list goes on and on – but Dion didn’t have to go through those situations. Instead, Dion was able … Continued
April 10, 2017
Mellisa was going through a tough time when she reached out to FlourishNow’s Safe Families for Children program. Today, she’s no longer in crisis, but instead is working, going to school, has her boys, and is volunteering for the programs that helped her when times were tough. “The host families provide a loving home that … Continued
April 10, 2017
Why should churches partner with FlourishNow to host job fairs and employment workshops? Derek Newberry, Associate Pastor of Center Point Community Church in Naples shares about their experience hosting a recent job fair with FlourishNow.
April 10, 2017
“I want to say thank you so much to Flourish and everybody else.” Nicholas received two job offers on the spot at our Naples job fair. More than 250 job seekers were served that day with more than 60% receiving follow-up interviews or offers.
April 10, 2017
How can you help those in your community better their lives through work? Matt Nance, a volunteer job coach shares his recent experience at our job fair in Naples, Florida. “I love the practical aspect of helping people find work that’s meaningful and provide for themselves and their family.”