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Restoring Dignity and Igniting Hope Through Work

Joblessness is one of the most psychologically stressful situations people face, and millions of our neighbors are facing it alone. Long-term unemployment too often breeds idleness and isolation, devastating a person’s spirit and leading to larger problems impacting families, communities, and society as a whole. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the most powerful forces for good is the local church, and each day millions of people all across the country turn to places of worship for help when times get tough. It’s common for religious institutions to provide assistance with food or other charitable services to those in need, but less than two percent of churches provide a ministry to help people find and keep a well-paying job.

Through our proven Work2Win ministry, we will fill this gap and provide the resources needed to leverage the power of the local church to help those in need find work.

We recognize that the most valuable resource any church has to offer is not its finances, but its people. We also understand many churches have limited resources available, therefore we’ve designed the Work2Win employment workshop model specifically for the existing small-group or Sunday school class setting.

How Work2Win Improves Employment


Accountability is a key component of our Work2Win job clubs. Attendees meet regularly with volunteer training coaches and mentors who facilitate free classes, usually held at a partner church. Attendees are encouraged and held accountable at each session on their progress toward employment, and of those who attend regularly, 87% gain full-time employment.


Work2Win job fair and employment workshop attendees have access to exclusive benefits offered through FlourishNow such as: resume review, skills assessment, interview training, and job seeking assistance. Our coaches also assist attendees with in-person and online training that improves the job seeker's opportunities to connect with hiring employers.


Our coaches and mentors are committed to providing the support necessary for job seekers to find the career they need and deserve. Our Work2Win employment workshops provide a safe and encouraging environment for attendees to discover the dignity that comes with work and the relationships that help them realize their God-given potential.

How You Can Help

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If you would like to attend one of our Work2Win Job Clubs, or find out dates and location for a class near you, please enter the information in the form on this page and someone from our team will contact you.

2. Volunteer

Interested in being a Work2Win job coach or mentor? Please fill out the application here and someone from our staff will be in contact with you soon.

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FlourishNow is 100% privately funded and we would not exist without the generous donations of our supporters. When you give to FlourishNow you are positively strengthening families and transforming the lives of people in your own backyard.

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Restoring Dignity and Reducing Dependency