The Merito Movement

Empowering Veterans Today for a Brighter Future Tomorrow

Our veterans, who have served honorably in our Armed Forces oftentimes come home from abroad to a hero’s welcome, but before long, many of them become stuck in a new reality that doesn’t contain opportunity and advancement, but instead, despair and dead ends.

Now released from their military duties, many servicemen and women find themselves without meaningful work and direction; barely existing on either government assistance, disability, or in low-wage jobs. Before long, they begin to believe they have little or nothing to offer; no tangible skills or abilities that transfer into today’s workplace.

Too many of these disciplined and talented individuals leave the workforce and become isolated from the very community of support they need to thrive and find their God-given purpose.

The Merito Movement, together with FlourishNow, is working to connect these men and women to the powerful networks of support that exist through the local church and community partners.

Through proven programs such as Merito’s discipleship mentoring and FlourishNow’s Work2Win employment workshops and job fairs, we’re connecting, training, and empowering today’s veterans for a new reality; one filled with hope, opportunity, and success.

Employ and Deploy Proven Leaders Into Their Community


Accountability is a key component of our discipleship training and our employment workshops. Attendees meet regularly with volunteer training coaches and mentors who facilitate free classes, usually held at a partner church. Attendees are encouraged and held accountable at each session on their progress toward employment.


More than 63 percent of job seekers who attend our job fairs and hiring events take immediate positive steps toward employment. With on-site coaching, job seekers receive the necessary tools needed to find and land the job they need and deserve.


Thankfully, there is no shortage of organizations focused on helping veterans get back to work, and with the right discipleship and training, leaders are made. That's the Merito Movement and FlourishNow difference. Our proven programs not only help veterans find work, they're trained and deployed into their communities as new leaders determined to serve, to empower, and to thrive.

How You Can Help Empower a Veteran

1. Volunteer

The Merito Movement is made possible by dedicated volunteers who believe in the power of work and purpose to transform lives. If this describes you, please be in touch by filling out the form to the right of this screen. We would love to connect with you and help you become involved in this powerful movement.

2. Donate

The Merito Movement and FlourishNow are 100% privately funded and we would not exist without the generous donations of our supporters. When you give to FlourishNow you are positively strengthening families and transforming the lives of people in your own backyard.

3. Find Out More

If you're interested in finding out more about the Merito Movement and how you can help support, train, or volunteer those we serve, please fill out the contact box on this page and someone from our dedicated staff will contact you.