FlourishNow Families

Strengthening Families Through Community

Since launching in Southwest Florida in 2015, FlourishNow Families has helped hundreds of families remain intact and get the help and the support they need to provide a loving, stable home for their children.

When crisis strikes at home, many of us turn to our family or church for needed support. But for many parents in Southwest Florida and beyond, the family bonds are broken and there is an absence of support and positive influences for them to turn to.
This is when life spirals out of control.

Addiction, unemployment, domestic abuse, illness, homelessness, incarceration; it’s during these crises that kids are at the greatest risk, and the number of children at risk is at an all-time high.

Currently, across the nation over 415,000 children languish in foster care. Seventy percent are there because of neglect. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a solution.
FlourishNow Families in Southwest Florida doesn’t take kids from their parents. FlourishNow Families gives parents peace of mind that their children are protected and nurtured while they get clean, sober, working, and back on their feet. The goal is to strengthen and preserve biological families so that they can better care for their children.

The national FlourishNow Families program was launched in 2015 in Southwest Florida and has helped over a thousand children and families strengthen and grow together.

How FlourishNow Families Strengthens Families


FlourishNow Families in Southwest Florida protects children from abuse by providing families in crisis with a safe, supportive community to turn to before life spirals completely out of control.


Host families and other thoroughly screened volunteers in the FlourishNow Families network provide wrap-around support for families in crisis, allowing the parents to get the help they need, preventing child abuse and neglect.


The loving, nonjudgmental safety-net parents can rely on is crucial for families in crisis. Placement of a child is voluntary, and the advice and help parents receive encourages them to choose out of love, not fear, what’s best for their child without fear of losing custody.

How You Can Help

1. Contact

If you would like more information and to learn more about our local FlourishNow Families in Southwest Florida, please enter the information in the form on this page and a member of our team will contact you immediately.

2. Volunteer

Interested in volunteering in our FlourishNow Families Ministry? Please fill out the application here and someone from our staff will be in contact with you soon.

We would not be making such a significant impact in Southwest Florida without the help and support of over 200 dedicated volunteers. We appreciate your heart to serve and look forward to doing ministry alongside you.

3. Donate

FlourishNow is 100% privately funded and we would not exist without the generous donations of our supporters. When you give to FlourishNow in Southwest Florida, you are positively impacting families and children in your own backyard.

We’re grateful for your support. Please consider donating here.

Improving Lives in Southwest Florida