Press Release



FlourishNow was founded with a bold vision to reduce poverty through work, protect children by strengthening their families, and radically transform society by leveraging the unmatched power of the local church. FlourishNow recognizes that true change doesn’t come from a government program, but from the local community – neighbors, friends, churches, and other charitable organizations befriending and investing in those in need. Our goal is to unleash this vast and powerful resource to transform lives.
The Family Coach:
Specifically, the role will encompass the following roles and expectations:

  1. Family Coaching: The Family Coach will provide ongoing support to host families. This ensures that families get the support and resources they need to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. Monitor children’s safety. Because safety is a top priority, the Family Coach begins assessing safety within 48 hours of a child moving in with the Host Family—and each week for at least a month. Provide a family in need with resources, such as community referrals and assistance in making their appointments. Facilitate the relationship between the Host Family and the Family in need with compassion and empathy. Problem solve. Family Coaches work with the church and other community resources to assist Families in need. Primary focus will be in Charlotte County with additional cases to coach in North Lee County as needed due to workload and the amount of children being served.
  2. Family Mentoring: Empowering parents to resolve current issues and to develop coping strategies for the future. Provide a model for a healthy, trusting relationship through clear communication and setting appropriate boundaries. Acknowledging their strengths, talents and gifts and encouraging them to find ways to use them. Be an active listener and offer support and encouragement when appropriate.
  3. Volunteer Recruitment: Identify and prospect new Flourish Now churches in partnership with the Director of Volunteer and Church relations. Work with the team to volunteer opportunities amongst church members and other community organizations in order to stimulate volunteer involvement from those who share a passion for SFFC.
  4. Community Outreach: The Family Coach will plan and participate in
    community engagement activities that result in the development of partnerships with community resource providers and referring agencies for the SFFC program. Participate in engagement activities within the community that result in the development of partnerships with the local faith community/churches, and supervise volunteer teams to assist with program growth and development needs. Facilitate local outreach, presentations, and community events to help establish relationships and trust with potential clients.
  5. Documentation: Ensure that all interactions with families and home visits with children are completed thoroughly and are recorded appropriately. Record keeping processes to be effective in the security of personal information. Assist with creation of reports and the evaluating of the outcomes of cases. 

Essential Skills and Values

The Family Coach should have a track record demonstrating the following critical skills and values:

  1. Strong Motivator and Encourager
  2. Active organization and planning
  3. Strategy development
  4. Innovative thinking and adaptability
  5. Humility in leadership and service to the team
  6. Open, respectful communication 
  7. Ability to mediate, problem solve and implement creative solutions 
  8. Flexible and the ability to work an unconventional schedule
  9. Building strategic relationships and networks that advance the overall vision
  10. Creative Problem Solver

Timing, Location, and Compensation

FlourishNow is seeking to fill the role the part-time Family Coach by August 1st, 2018. The Family Coach will work in collaboration with the FlourishNow team via email, phone, and video conference. This position will require moderate travel. The Family Coach is part-time, 20-30 hours a week with mileage included. This part time position has the opportunity to turn into a full time role in 2019.