Press Release



What is the Job?

FlourishNow works to end the root causes of poverty, dependency, divorce, and child abuse by leveraging the power of the local church to provide struggling families with supportive relationships and work so that they can achieve independence, stay together, and thrive.

FlourishNow recognizes that true change doesn’t come from a government program, but from the local community – neighbors, friends, churches, and other charitable organizations befriending and investing in those in need. Our goal is to unleash this vast and powerful resource to transform lives in SWFL.

The FlourishNow Families Program Director for Charlotte County will have primary responsibility for overseeing and growing the FlourishNow Families program in that county. While the Program Director’s primary focus will be the FlourishNow Families program, he or she will also work with the FlourishNow’s local and national teams to help grow the broader ministry of FlourishNow. Specifically, the Program Director role will encompass the following roles and expectations:

  • Help create a network of churches to partner with FlourishNow and the FlourishNow Families program and assist with recruitment events and volunteer training.
  • Help develop and work with church partners and ministry leads to support host families, family friends, resource families, and family coaches.
  • Outreach to local community and government agencies for referrals as needed.
  • Oversee all cases from intake to reunification or discharge. Conducting or assisting with intakes, placements and coordinating volunteers with appropriate clients. Responsibilities include supervising and coordinating volunteers to help enhance their performance and experience; provide guidance, hands-on teaching, support and recommendations for families in crisis. Ensuring that all volunteer coaches are adequately screened and trained appropriately, and provided with weekly clinical supervision.
  • Recruit, train, coordinate and oversee a team of volunteer Case Coaches and one or more Case Coach Supervisors.
  • Facilitate relationships between host families and volunteers with placing families with an aim of helping establish an ongoing, supportive relationship.
  • Track and document data relating to Hosting and Mentoring assignments.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The Program Director will report directly to the FlourishNow Families, Executive Director and participate in regular supervisory meetings.

Who Should Apply?

Successful candidates will have a demonstrated track record of serving families in crisis and leading transformational projects in either the business, church or nonprofit arenas. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required with a Master’s degree in social work preferred. The ideal candidate is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker credentialed by the State of Florida. He or she should feel called to ministering to children and families in crisis and be passionate about freeing people from dependence on government welfare and poverty. Florida Child Welfare Certification and experience directly in child welfare investigations or case management preferred. We are looking for someone who has demonstrated skills in leading, problem solving, coaching with an emphasis on motivating volunteers and clients. The most successful candidate will be a self-starter who is comfortable working remotely, self-driven and has a demonstrated ability to analyze problems and find creative solutions, and who thrives when challenged.

Why FlourishNow?

FlourishNow is a faith-based organization founded in 2015 with three main goals to support human flourishing – helping people overcome poverty and be freed from welfare, strengthening the family, and transforming and equipping private charities to support self-sufficiency rather than privately-funded dependence. Underlying these goals is a belief that the status quo of government welfare and ineffective private charity can and must be changed. It is this sense of urgency that drives us. Based in Naples, Florida, but with a national vision, FlourishNow organizes networks of effective churches, volunteers, private charities, and donors to transform lives and communities. We are a dynamic organization that works to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished, particularly with volunteers. After building a track record of success in Southwest Florida, we’re scaling up to replicate this impact in cities across the United States. If you’re the kind of person who accomplishes goals others say are “too big,” then you’ll fit right in and excel.

Timing, Location, and Compensation

FlourishNow is seeking to fill the Program Director role by the end of January 2018, or as soon as possible. Since FlourishNow has a national focus, most of our staff work remotely. This position will be based in Southwest Florida, but the Program Director will work from a home office and collaborate regularly with FlourishNow leadership and other staff via email, phone, and video conference. FlourishNow offers a competitive salary and benefits package, that includes a health benefit and a very generous paid leave policy.


Qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter detailing the reasons why you’re the best person for this job, your passion for this position and the mission of FlourishNow, and salary requirements.

Application materials should be emailed to Megan Rose, FlourishNow’s Executive Director for FlourishNow Families, at While we are only able to contact those to whom we can offer an interview, we are grateful to all applicants for their interest in FlourishNow and heart for serving our neighbors in need.