Press Release



FlourishNow was founded with a bold vision to reduce poverty through work, protect children by strengthening their families, and radically transform society by leveraging the unmatched power of the local church. FlourishNow recognizes that true change doesn’t come from a government program, but from the local community – neighbors, friends, churches, and other charitable organizations befriending and investing in those in need. Our goal is to unleash this vast and powerful resource to transform lives.
Our organization is looking for a Family Coach Lead that will oversee mentoring cases and hosting’s arranged through our FlourishNow Families program. The Family Coach lead will objectively analyze situations, help mediate and problem solve the situation in order to help strengthen and reunify families. The Family Coach lead will be responsible for attending regular home visits with families to ensure their safety and support the volunteer families that are hosting them. The Family Coach Lead will meet one on one with the placing parents to provide support, guidance and accountability as they work to resolve their crisis. 
The Family Coach Lead will be responsible for implementing the vision of FlourishNow by leading the development and delivery of FlourishNow’s family coaching in SWFL. As a member of the Southwest Florida team, the Family Coach Lead will report directly to the SWFL Regional Director. He or she will also have primary supervisory authority over FlourishNow Family Coaches. 
Specifically, the role will encompass the following roles and expectations:

  1. Case Management: The Family Coach Lead will coordinate and supervise all cases handled by the SWFL FlourishNow Families program. They will coordinate with Host Families to complete home visit’s as required by Flourish Now policy’s. They will meet with parents connect them to services, provide guidance and problem solving as they work to overcome their current crisis. They will be the single point and continues point of contact for, the child or family until a safe outcome is achieved. 
  2. Volunteer Coordination: In coordination with the Director of Church and Volunteer Relations, the Family Coach lead will help recruit Interns and volunteer family coaches. This might include but is not limited to speaking in front of churches, They will deliver training to newly recruited volunteers, and top-up training for existing volunteers. Conduct in-home assessments for potential volunteers and produce relevant feedback reports on volunteer progress made during training sessions. They will check in with volunteer’s weekly and conduct one on one training’s and additional support to volunteer’s and interns in these roles. They will monitor the progress of volunteers as they grow in their roles using review tools when appropriate. They will support the continuous improvement of SFFC training, development new tools as needed and help grow our mentoring and hosting effectiveness in the SWFL community.
  3. Resource Coordination: The Family Coach Lead will ultimately be responsible for all case work in SWFL and doing a majority of the hands on work associated with the cases. The Family Coach Lead will additionally supervise and mentor family coaches and interns with the goal of developing a high-performing team that consistently achieves ambitious results from the organization’s vision and strategic plan. 
  4. Relationship-building: The Family Coach Lead will work to build and strengthen strategic collaborative relationships with key stakeholders, including national faith and nonprofit partners. Network with agencies and initiatives at local level, involved in supporting children and families and promoting the proactive involvement of the faith community in meeting the needs of the community. Establish links with similar projects and seek to learn and share any important findings. 
  5. Donor Relations: In collaboration with the SWFL regional Director, they will help prospect and deepen relationships with key funders by FlourishNow’s overall fundraising strategy. They will assist with fundraising, donor pitches and donor cultivation as needed.
  6. Documentation: Ensure that all interactions with families and home visits with children are completed thoroughly and are recorded appropriately. Record keeping processes to be effective in the security of personal information. Assist with creation of reports and the evaluating of the outcomes of cases.

Essential Skills and Values

The Family Coach Lead should have a track record demonstrating the following critical skills and values:

  1. Leading and developing a team of volunteer’s interns and part-time family coaches 
  2. Active organization and planning to achieve high-level execution of a bold vision
  3. Strategy development
  4. Innovative thinking and adaptability
  5. Humility in leadership and service to the team
  6. Open, respectful communication 
  7. Ability to mediate, problem solve and implement creative solutions 
  8. Flexible and the ability to work an unconventional schedule
  9. Building strategic relationships and networks that advance the overall vision


  1. Degree in a Human Services related field
  2. Child Welfare Certification preferred
  3. Master’s degree preferred
  4. A minimum of 3 years working with vulnerable families
  5. Clean driving record

Timing, Location, and Compensation

FlourishNow is seeking to fill the role of the Family Coach Lead by August 1st, 2018. The Family Coach Lead will work in collaboration with the SWFL FlourishNow team and national team via email, phone, and video conference. This position will require moderate travel. We offer a competitive salary in the human services arena plus benefits. FlourishNow offers a competitive benefits package that includes a health benefit and a very generous paid leave policy.