Press Release



Who You Are:

  • Are you an entrepreneurial thinker who drives results with excellence?
  • Are you an adaptable communicator who builds strong relationships with diverse audiences?
  • Do you cast a big vision without missing the details?
  • Are you not afraid of selling ideas and opportunities to people?
  • Are you a self-starter who produces great work within a flexible environment?
  • Do you believe the Church is a force for hope and good in every community?
  • If you answered yes to these questions, then we may have a job for you!

Who We Are:

FlourishNow is a creative non-profit which empowers the local church to address the root causes of diminished dignity and the breakdown of families and communities. We provide families with supportive relationships, access to mentorship and job opportunities, and the encouragement to believe that transformation is possible.

We are a growing organization with an existing operation in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Phoenix site, which has been open for two years, currently operates a work ministry which has already served thousands of individuals in need of encouragement and employment. Our new State Director will expand this effort, through hosting job fairs and other programs with church partners in the state, while also adding a foster prevention program in close collaboration with the child welfare system and church partners he or she engages to help launch the program.

Success will require significant collaboration with churches, other non-profit organizations, the local business community, and donors.

Specifically, the role will encompass the following roles and expectations:

  • Relationship building – The State Director will spend a majority of his or her time engaging with churches, partner organizations, volunteers, child welfare workers, host families, business partners, and other stakeholders throughout the state. He or she must be able to create fast and natural rapport with any audience and to build strong and trusting relationships that lead to long-term collaboration. This individual must lead with empathy and establish trust.
  • Strategic planning and vision casting – A successful State Director casts a vision for his or her state, and the surrounding area, that is inspiring as well as attainable. This role is a unique mixture of high-level strategy and on the ground planning to make big goals a reality and to be accountable to results. A successful candidate will have a history of driving results, achieving big objectives, and setting an inspiring “finish line” for others to pursue.
  • Administration and stewardship – We work alongside private donors and foundations who give their time, talents, and resources to support our work. Leaders within our organization are expected to steward those entrusted resources with excellence, integrity, and accuracy. The State Director will make responsible decisions regarding budgets, finances, and expenses. While this is often a big-picture role, there are essential administrative functions which ensure success.
  • Donor cultivation – TheState Director will work with the national team and local allies to identify and cultivate donors who can take part in the expansion of our presence and activities in Phoenix. He or she will possess, or be willing to gain, skills in fundraising to achieve goals for revenue and donor partnerships.
  • Business development – FlourishNow’s work ministry is moving toward becoming self-sufficient, supported by revenue-generating activities. The State Director will innovate on ways to build value-creating partnerships with businesses in Phoenix to support job fairs and other employment-based offerings for the local church.
  • Volunteer recruitment and management – The State Director will rely on volunteers to execute every program in his or her portfolio; success depends on his or her ability to identify and inspire volunteers to engage in our mission. Many of our volunteers come from church partners, making church relationships a vital way to identify and retain host families, job coaches, life coaches, and other key positions to program execution.
  • Team leadership – When hired, the State Director will be the only staff member on the ground in Phoenix. As he or she, with support from our national team, raises the funds to launch additional programs, more staff will be brought on to expand and add programs. The State Director will identify and hire those staff members, as well as lead them consistent with our culture. We believe authority lives with information and strive for our supervisors to coach more than manage their employees.

Essential Skills and Values

The Arizona State Director should have a track record demonstrating the following essential skills:

  1. Leading and developing a team of “A-level” players who consistently achieve big goals
  2. Effective organization and planning to achieve high-level execution of a bold vision
  3. Strategy development
  4. Innovative thinking and adaptability
  5. Humility in leadership and service to the team
  6. Generous with their time and talents
  7. Open, respectful communication
  8. Building strategic relationships and networks that advance the overall vision

Big Goals and Vision

Since 2016 we have served almost 4,000 Job Seekers in the city of Phoenix with 55% obtaining work. In 2019, we have a targeted goal to help 3,500 Job Seekers and serve 50 families through our foster care prevention program. He or she, with support from our national team, will also raise an additional three hundred thousand dollars in funding.

Education, Experiences and Certification

  1. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, Master’s preferred
  2. Minimum two (2) years’ experience working directly with children and families
  3. Experience working with churches and collaborating with community partners
  4. Facilitation skills in adult learning preferred
  5. Some travel required
  6. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Application and Salesforce

Timing, Location, and Compensation

FlourishNow is seeking to fill the role of Arizona State Director Position by November 1st, 2018. The Arizona State Director will work from a home office and collaborate regularly with FlourishNow leadership and other staff via email, phone, and video conference. This position will require moderate travel. FlourishNow offers a competitive benefits package that includes a health benefit and a very generous paid leave policy.