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Thanksgiving Neighborhood Event Employs Fifteen

Just one week before Thanksgiving, FlourishNow partnered with St. Joseph United Methodist Church to host a small, intimate hiring event for the surrounding Eastside neighborhood.

We served 24 people in 2 hours and, of those, 15 were hired on the spot!

Our purpose was to come alongside St. Joseph and to love this community well, around the Thanksgiving holiday. With the help of five of our close employer partners, we were thrilled to do just that.

Meet a few of the folks we met that day

Lucinda¬†came over an hour early and waited patiently until the fair started. She chatted with me, as we were setting up, and came in her uniform from her current food service job. Several days a week, she goes to that job at 2:00 AM. She wanted to work for Chartwell’s for better hours and working conditions; she was one of the first people they hired. After waiting patiently, she wrote a beautiful thank you note, saying:

“I want to say thank you to Jesus and for the staff at FlourishNow and thanks to the pastor at this church. All I can say is He’s good all the time.”

Jeri is part of the Church of Eleven22’s jobs initiative, a 6-month wrap-around support and job readiness program they run through the Hope’s Closet thrift store. She was set to graduate from the program three days after the hiring event took place; she just needed a job. In his perfect timing, God made a way and Jeri got a job on the spot with G4S.

Adam came to the hiring event during a stretch of several months without work. He worked for almost 10 years in delivery and warehousing for grocery stores, before losing his job. During the course of the hiring event, he maintained a really positive attitude and had a great conversation with G4S. By the end of the event, they hired him. He wrote this to us, in a thank you note:

“I want to give thanks to God for pouring out his spirit to you guys for allowing this event to happen.”¬†

Among the others hired were a mother and son pair, both hired on at the same company, and two fathers who were there to provide futures for their children. One of those men has been a father for only a few weeks; new fatherhood motivated him to put himself out there and take a chance.

This holiday season, we are thankful for Saint Joseph UMC, our employer partners, and the opportunity to be a part of changing the trajectories of entire families and transforming our city, one neighborhood at a time.