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New Beginnings for Hundreds of Jacksonville Job Seekers

Hurricanes, penalties from overdue child support payments, transportation limitations, past mistakes, long gaps in employment, layoffs, and limited English skills are among the challenges facing job seekers I, and our dedicated volunteers met on Saturday at our collaborative job fair with CrossRoad United Methodist Church.

Some may assume these situations are nearly hopeless; the mountains are just too high and the valleys are too deep. FlourishNow, and our beautiful church partners see these situations differently. For us, through the power of the local church and the grace of God, these are testimonies in the making.

40 people on Saturday, October 7, were hired on the spot. Many of the challenges they entered with were left behind in the dust and instead, their stories displayGod’s glory and the effectiveness of the local church in action. Thes 40 job seekers make up 16% of the 244 attendees CrossRoad United Methodist Church welcomed and served at their second job fair in 2017. With hundreds of follow up steps planned for the next few weeks, that number will only grow.

Over the next few days, we will be sharing some of these stories; both for those hired and for those who received tools and connections to help them take a solid next step, so everyone can celebrate with us the lives changed.