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Host Family Highlights – The O’Berski Family

Dan and his wife Kristin are busy people. They are business owners who have five children of their own, active volunteers in their church, and are also currently involved in helping a local foster and adoptive family renovate their home – but even with their plates more than full, they find time to serve in our Work2Win program and volunteer as host families for FlourishNow Families.

Dan has shared with us that helping those who have no capacity to do anything for him in return has been one of the single biggest blessings he’s experienced.

I never really knew what Jesus talked about when he said that we are to love him and love others. I simply only had experiences to primarily love people that didn’t need me to love them. You see my circle is full of friends, family, and stable worlds….support systems and generous hearts that played a massive role in my life.

Before volunteering as a host family, Dan had not really realized that there were people around him that had no one else to turn to.

This position I was in wasn’t even something that I understood until I came in contact with FlourishNow Families and met our placed child’s family. In the total contrast to our world, they truly had nothing. No material support, physical support, relational support, spiritual support, educational support, nothing…..literally every place they turn is fraught with disaster because…they are broken.

When they opened their home and their lives to a little boy and his parents, it changed everything. How they viewed ministry, how they gave, how they served -how they loved.

And into my family this little boy came, breaking our hearts for his heart and longing to see him unite again with his mom and dad – the place it was obvious he was loved. And in came a dad – more a man who had a child with no concept of what fatherhood meant or what love was when extended to him. But, he’s a man that loves more completely than I could pretend to. He was given less than nothing and from it has made a decision to stay in a situation that almost all who sit in his shoes would flee from.

The experience of hosting this little boy not only provided the child a safe home and support, but it gave the father a new family and a mentor he could depend on no matter what.

I talk to Jason almost every other day. I am the closest thing he has to an advisor, friend, and support.

Unfortunately, for many we serve, this is the norm. Their family bonds are broken, they have no one to turn to for support, and they feel completely alone – oftentimes dealing with homelessness, abuse, addiction, or illness.

This is love. To love someone that has nothing to give in return…that will drain all of me. Why? So that I can rest in God’s love and so that I will be refilled overflowing and that as my love drains He fills and expands my cup so that I can become all that He has called me to be.

Dan and Kristin are loving fully even though their lives are full. Your life is also no doubt busy. ¬†You have many things you could do with your time, talent, and treasure – but’s what’s more important than loving a child and a family who have no one else to turn to?

Your life is also no doubt busy. You have many things you could do with your time, talent, and treasure – but’s what’s more important than loving a child and a family who have no one else to turn to?

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a FlourishNow Families host parent, please contact us here. Because of generous families like the O’Berski’s, we’ve never had to turn away a family in crisis. Will you help us continue that tradition?