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Host Family Highlights – The Bechtle Family

Jonathan and Missi Bechtle lead a full life in Naples, Florida.  Jonathan is the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for a nationwide public policy organization and Missi stays exceedingly busy homeschooling their four children and running a small business of her own. But even with their busy schedules, they make time to also volunteer at their church, Center Point Community Church and are host families for FlourishNow Families.

They’ve hosted several children in the past year and have found that through offering love to families who often have no one else, their children have been able to see firsthand how to care for others and show compassion.

“Hosting gives our children a chance to serve alongside us and see how we can offer a safe home and friendship to other families in our community.” – Missi Bechtle

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming involved with FlourishNow Families, please contact us!  In just the past two years, we’ve helped more than 460 children have a safe family to care for them while their parents got back on their feet.  What better way to show your children true compassion and minister together as an entire family?