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Host Family Highlights – Kelsey Scoggins

During the month of April, we have a goal to add 30 new host families here in Southwest Florida to help us meet the increasing need for volunteers to host and care for children in crisis.

Our host families are the heart of all we do. They’re volunteers, unpaid, sacrificial servants who open their homes to children in need.

What would our host parent Kelsey Scoggins say to anyone considering becoming a host family?

My advice to anyone considering becoming a host family is to do it without hesitation. To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t need to be rich, picture perfect or “have it all together.” You just need to care. You will NEVER regret the investment of time, love and compassion you provide for a child in need. I have faith that host families are changing the world one heart at a time.

When we ask our host families why they serve in such a sacrificial manner, the answers are as varied as the kids we serve, but one reason resonates among all of them: the desire to minister together as a family.
Kelsey has seen firsthand how ministering to children in need has changed not only her perspective but also her daughter’s.
God has called me to serve him by opening up my home and my heart to his children that are in need. While some see this as an act of kindness towards others, I can only view it as a way of life, spreading peace and kindness throughout our community. FlourishNow Families for Children has changed the way my daughter and I see the world. We now see it through the eyes of every child and biological family we have been blessed with. Our time with them may be short, but the impact they have on us as a host family is anything but temporary.
As Christians, we’re called to love first and trust God to work out the details, and for Kelsey, that means living out her faith by opening her home to kids in need. She refers often to the Bible verse, “For we live by Faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7, trusting that God’s word never returns void.
If you have a desire to minister to others as a family and impact the world for Christ, please contact us about becoming a FlourishNow Families volunteer or host family. Together, in just two years, we’ve helped more than 480 children remain safe and loved through our network of caring families. We’d love to add you to this incredible team of servants!