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Gospel Coalition Piece on Foster Care Shows Why FlourishNow Families Matters

Gospel Coalition recently published a piece highlighting the need for churches, and individual Christians, to take notice of the growing number of American foster children, now around 430,000, and to do something about it.

The article highlights the ultimate purpose of foster care: reunification with a child’s family. Foster care is all about restoring, through love, what has been broken. This is the heart of the Church’s mission.

Recalling the church’s historical role as the primary support for needy children, the author calls the church to step up again. That’s why FlourishNow is offering churches the opportunity to take back their proper place as the extended family struggling children so desperately need.

By coming in and tangibly loving a family, before foster care is needed, our selfless volunteers help to provide care and shelter for children temporarily and ultimately to restore the family. In fact, our Southwest Florida FlourishNow Families chapter reunites 96% of the families our partner churches serve. It is our prayer that those families will never be separated again.

Once we were all orphans, who lost our way and needed a helping hand. Christ has given us a home for eternity, and it is our honor to help churches to demonstrate that same love for needy children in the cities we serve.

Whether it’s through traditional foster care, adoption, or FlourishNow Families, we share the author’s belief that the church was built for this.

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