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FlourishNow Families Bonds Last Long Past Reunification

When women face the perils of domestic violence, they often don’t have a safe place to turn, particularly when children are involved. Lindsy, a 24 year old single mother, was living in a domestic violence shelter and needed a safe home for her young children. Fortunately, through our local referral networks, Lindsy found FlourishNow Families and the support she needed.

Volunteer host mother, Colleen, stepped in and cared for Lindsy’s 16 month old twin boys, providing them with the love and care they needed while Lindsy secured housing and refuge from her abuser. Even after the kids were reunited with Lindsy, Colleen continued assisting the family.

As a mentor for Lindsy, Colleen was able to be the support system the young mother desperately needed, even being there to guide her through an unexpected pregnancy, and care for her twins when needed.

Lindsy told Colleen her help and compassion was critical during her tough time. “I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it through this pregnancy without you. Your words of encouragement and just the mother that you are for your kids, is an inspiration for me. I’m so grateful to be able to call you a part of my family. And I also want to thank you for watching the boys for me while I heal. I love you beautiful!”

Colleen was there with Lindsy for the delivery of her new baby, staying by her side and offering support during the birth. Lindsy was thankful for Colleen’s help saying, “Thank you so very much for being here with me today. I don’t think I would have made it through the 18 hours that I was in labor without you.”

Because of the support and resources Lindsy received through FlourishNow Families, she is now on a path toward self sufficiency.  Linsey recently attended the FlourishNow Job Fair on September 9th, and after an interview has a new job at Culver’s. Her new employment is another huge step for Lindsy on her path toward healing as well as providing a stable, loving home for her boys.