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Family Shows How Compassion and Faith Can Make a Difference

Lucas is a boy whose parents are facing a trial no one should have to endure. His mother has cancer and is in the ICU at a local Florida hospital. With the mother needing constant care, and the father needing to get back on his feet, the hospital looked for help and found FlourishNow Families and the Oberski family.

Lucas’s parents were homeless when his mother became ill. They had no where to turn to, but Dan and Kristin Oberski, host parents through FlourishNow Families here in Southwest Florida were able to temporarily care for Lucas in their home, and help his father as well.

Dan, a small business owner, has gone above and beyond to help Lucas’s dad. He helped secure a job and housing for him, ultimately allowing Lucas and his father to be reunited.

“I never really knew what Jesus talked about when he said that we are to love him and love others,” Dan said. “This position I was in wasn’t even something that I understood until I came in contact with FlourishNow Families and met our placed child’s family.  In total contrast to our world, they truly have nothing.”

The Oberski family has a strong church network and support system, but quickly realized that Lucas and his family had “no material support, physical support, relational support, spiritual support, educational support, nothing.” He said that everywhere Lucas’s family turned, was “fraught with disaster.”

Dan said that Lucas’s father “is a man that loves more completely than I could pretend to.  He was given less than nothing and from it has made a decision to stay in a situation that almost all who sit in his shoes flee from.” Even now that Lucas has been reunited with his dad, Dan still talks to him often. He said that “I am the closest thing he has to an advisor, friend and support.”

Unwavering support for those in need, those who have little to give in return is the essence of God’s message of love. Unfortunately, the story of Lucas and his family is not unique. It takes love, compassion, and faith to reach out to those who need it most; help them get back on their feet, show them that faith and His love can rescue someone from even the darkest of depths and despair.

Dan said, “There is nothing more direct that I can see in His word but to love him and love others and he will fill you up overflowing and beautifully!”

With the help of the Oberski’s and their faith in God, Lucas and his father are on a path to stability. They serve as the perfect example of the beautiful life-changing results FlourishNow Families Southwest Florida brings to those in need.