Empowering Individuals Through Work and Healthy Relationships

With the right ministries and support, the local church and community can be the most powerful force for ending poverty and truly helping families in need.

Our Work2Win job fairs and employment workshops provide both accountability and job seeking opportunities through structured and proven programs similar to life and recovery groups. By connecting job seekers with the resources and skills they need to find employment, we are helping people realize their God-given potential through work.

Our Safe Families for Children program has helped hundreds of families overcome crisis and achieve stability by providing mentorship and a safe, temporary place for their children while parents get the support they need.

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April 13, 2018

Jacksonville is a patchwork quilt of different neighborhoods, each with their own unique identities, spread over the largest area in the lower 48 that shares a city government. We have been blessed beyond words to be invited, by ministries in some of those unique and beautiful neighborhoods, to serve with them in their own piece … Continued

March 19, 2018

I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend, Jim Mullins, for our latest podcast. Jim is the Pastor of Theological and Vocational Formation for Redemption Tempe. In this episode, we talk about life, ministry, work, rest and how they are all interconnected. You’ll definitely want to listen!

March 12, 2018

Linda Morris, Outreach Director for First Pentecostal Church in South Phoenix, first Flourish Now church partner and a fount of wisdom, and Andy Myers, Phoenix City Director and pastor, sit down to talk about ministry, the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of First Pentecostal, and Linda’s own journey into discovering her rich spiritual and cultural … Continued